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Death 03 Art Print

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High quality art print with featured artwork and writing from the Path of the WarriorSage Artbook.

Death 03

"You will be alive until you die, so you will never know death anyway while alive until your last breath.

Whatever comes next is whatever it is…if it is…at all.

Like a fast-forwarding, full-immersion video, the discipline is to feel the complete death of all your dreams, hopes, ambitions, health, wealth, victories, defeats and freedoms.

You feel the complete death of all your loved ones - that’s the hardest for many.

You feel the total death of yourself, even from existence itself...

Some of you are fortunate to have faced or be facing real imminent death, perhaps
through illness or sudden accident. Death is all too real and surreal as well. It’s
definite and indefinite due to the inevitable and unknown it evokes.

Our primal fear is the finality of self, which is never-the-less, the most avoided
confrontation for most. The paradoxical effect is having a dead life.

The old joke of dying in your 20s and being buried
in your 90s is funny for a while.
Where you may last wish to go
and hide is the first stone to
uncover and turn to..."

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