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Death 04 Art Print

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High quality art print with featured artwork and writing from the Path of the WarriorSage Artbook.

Death 04

"So face Death, feeling it fully, coming at you from every angle, even within your cells. Let all the fears have their hey-day, and feel it all while staying wide open through your loss and tears. Expand, breathe, open your body and presence when death is felt near...never let it contract you.

When death is closest for real, feel what must you do to live and die completely without regrets and do it without fail. With courage, do what you need to do to give and receive love without holding back, without excuses.  

Let Death unshackle you from delay and procrastination.

Let Death be your impeccability and follow-through coach.

Let Death be your “be in the moment” guru. 

Let Death's ever too closeness be your awareness pin prick to look for, appreciate, and foster a Life filled with Life, a Life filled with living beyond death’s despotism over your deepest soul’s calling.  

Ultimately, Death may reveal
the secret to Life itself. "

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