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Defenseless 01 Art Print

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High quality art print with featured artwork and writing from the Path of the WarriorSage Artbook.

Defenseless 01

"A WarriorSage approaches the unseen world of energy from a place of freedom.

There is a beautiful enlightened Christian teaching called The Course in Miracles. It sums up the essence of this approach in this principle...

"What is Real cannot be threatened. What is unreal does not exist. Therein lays the peace of God."

A WarriorSage humorously realizes that one could spend lifetimes protecting themselves from invisible threats, curses, hexes and ill intentions.

All the energy expenditure of incanting counter spells, creating protective sheaths of light and such require an ever vigilant lookout for danger around every corner and dimension. This saps oneself of true freedom and can collapse into realms where demons run amok.

Yet the WarriorSage's stance is... Defenseless.

How to Protect Yourself From Negative Energy."

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