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Transcendent CEO & Culture Book Set

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A transmission of timeless wisdom, new paradigm perspectives, and practical applications, intended to spark the Transcendent Leader within you and your teams. It provides a blueprint on how to embody your peak leadership, your peak humanity, your peak being, and your Peak Existence.

“Satyen is a rare and precious find - an authentic wisdom teacher who walks his talk but also presents his material in a way that it is instantly accessible to anyone. These books are as startlingly beautiful as they are profound. They are filled with practical exercises that can reframe and reshape one’s whole reality, yet they also manage to be mysteriously poetic and empathic. Turn to any page at random and you will be met with a shard of illumination that can turn your day around!”

– Richard Rudd, Author and Founder of Gene Keys


"Satyen's book "Transcendent CEO" is a breath of fresh air. There is a lot of wisdom here to create profits in your outer world while creating peace in your inner world. Read this book, but more importantly revisit some of your beliefs and thought patterns based on the wisdom-nuggets in this book."

– Rajesh Setty, co-founder of, author of "Smart, but Stuck"


This book is designed to be encountered as an oracle for leaders and CEOs – a compendium of instantly awakening jolts of wisdom.

You can read it through, front to back. Or you can simply open to any page at any time and dive into the teachings you find there and immediately apply it to your life.

Each page is part of a whole – a spiritually-expansive re-alignment of your inner being and your highest outer goals to a liberating equilibrium, free of the struggle, exhaustion, conflict, domination and emotional contraction that afflict so many CEOs today.


This is the Companion Guide to the Master-book Transcendent CEO: The Path of Peak Existence and Limitless Potential. The Master-book is your blueprint to becoming a Transcendent LEADER.

Featuring groundbreaking perspectives infused with timeless wisdom to lift your organization into Peak Existence.

This tandem book, Transcendent Culture, is designed for TEAMS. This is your Map and Guide to bolstering team performance and coherence in a simple easy-to-apply methodology.

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